Other reports (720 and D6)

Model 720 and D6 for ETF account holders.

In Spain* for investments abroad, the presentation of some reports for its declaration is required. Its need to present or not will depend on the particular situation of each investor, which is why what is reported here should not be taken as a recommendation, it is merely informative. Each investor should go to his tax advisor to learn more about his particular situation.

Model D6

Currently, in Spain, the presentation of the D6 form is required for those investors who maintain a participation greater than 10% of the capital or voting rights of foreign listed companies.

This model is an annual declaration of the Investment Registry of Spanish investments abroad and does not replace the Treasury Model 720, but is complementary to it.

Model 720

Additionally, for amounts greater than €50,000 it is necessary to present form 720 where any asset deposited outside the Spanish state is reported.

As Interactive Brokers has assets deposited outside of Spain, if you exceed €50,000 in an inbestMe account or when combined with other assets you may have outside of Spain they exceed that amount, you must present this informative declaration.

Such a report should only be submitted by those clients with ETF portfolios (NOT for index funds), that is, with Interactive Brokers as a depository entity.

If a client only has Indexed Fund accounts, with GVC Gaesco as the depositary entity, they will not have to submit report 720 or form D6, since their capital will be deposited in Spain with the custodian entity GVC Gaesco.

Do you have an ETF portfolio on inbestMe?

In your personal client area you will have at your disposal the reports to be able to comply with your tax obligations. You can see more about where to find the necessary reports on the tax and tax information page on our website.

The annual reports that you may need for these models are generated between March and April in your client area (if you closed your account, we will send them to you by email).

However, if you need to generate one before those dates, you can enter the Interactive Brokers Client Portal (remember that the username and password are different from those of inbestMe)** and download the necessary reports available in PDF format.

If you need help, you can contact cs@inbestme.com


* Date of modification/update to 12/28/2021.

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