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How do I transfer my Index Funds to inbestMe?

Transferring your Index Funds to inbestMe is very simple

You can do it either if you want to open a new account or if you are already a client, and you just want to transfer the funds you have in other entities, without being necessary to command anything from the origin fund entity.

You just would have to request the transfer from the inbestMe Client Area when you start the account aperture process or, if you are already a client, from the option “contribute funds”.

  • If you are opening a new account, by the time of the initial funding you will see two options (cash or trespass): you will have to choose the “Funds transfers” one.
  • If you are already an inbestMe client, you will have to select the portfolio where you want to make the transfer → Operations → Contribute money → Funds transfers → Order transfer.

When you arrive at the deposit funds page, we will ask you which type of transfer you wish to make: full or partial. Also, we will ask you for certain information about yourself, and then we will do the transfer for you.

This is the data we will ask you about (usually, in the monthly reports that you can download, you can see this information):

  • Entity where are the funds you want to transfer.
  • The number of the current assets account.
  • Funds’ account voucher*.
  • Funds’ name (if we do not have it on our list, we will ask for your ISIN).
  • Specify the type of transfer (full or partial).
  • Amount of money you want to transfer (it is required to be as approximate as you can)

As you can check, we will also ask you for your funds’ account voucher.

And that’s it!

Once the request had been made, we will make the necessary process and keep you informed about its state, by mail or phone if it is necessary. 

*IMPORTANT: the origin funds owners have to be the same that the inbestMe account ones. It is not enough if one of them is the owner and the other is authorized. Both of them must be the owners.

How do I transfer an investment portfolio to inbestMe?

To transfer a portfolio, funds must be added until all those who carry it are on the transfer page, and finally, you would have to confirm.

Some entities do not allow exit transfers from a managed portfolio (under a Delegated Management contract). If this is your case, the most practical option is to ask your entity to transfer all the funds from that managed portfolio to a monetary fund (and if that is not possible, to a short-term fixed income fund). Once they all have been transferred, you will have to request inbestMe the transfer of that single fund.