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How do I transfer my Index Funds to inbestMe?

Transferring your Index Funds to inbestMe is very simple

Transferring your funds is very easy. You can do it either when you open a new account or if you are already a customer and want to transfer funds that you have in other entities. In fact, you do not need to give any order to the bank from which the funds originate.

Simply request the transfer from the inbestMe client area when you start the account opening process or, if you are already a client, from the option to contribute funds.

  • If you are opening a new account, at the time of the initial contribution you will see two options (cash or transfer). You must choose the option “Fund transfers”.
  • If you are already an inbestMe client, you must select the portfolio where you want to make the transfer → Operations → Contribute money → Fund transfers → Order transfer.

    We have two methods for ordering transfers:

image (37)

Depending on the method chosen, the platform will guide you step by step.

And that's all there is to it!

Once the application has been made, we will carry out the necessary processes ourselves and keep you informed of the status of the application, either by email or telephone if necessary.

* IMPORTANT: The holders of the source fund must be the same as the holders of the inbestMe account. It is not sufficient that one of the persons in the account of origin is the account holder and the other is a proxy or authorized person. It is necessary that BOTH are account holders.

How do I transfer an investment portfolio to inbestMe?

Using either method, you can select individual positions or an entire portfolio.

Some institutions do not allow transfers out of a managed portfolio (under a Delegated Management contract). If this is your case, the most practical thing to do is to ask your bank to transfer all the funds in the managed portfolio to a money market fund (or if this is not possible, to a very short-term fixed income fund). Once they are all transferred, you request the transfer of that single fund on inbestMe.