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What is delegated portfolio management?

Service for those clients who wish to delegate the management of their assets to a team of expert professionals.

inbestMe is, technically, a delegated portfolio management service. This means that inbestMe makes all decisions regarding the composition and management of your securities portfolio in a discretionary and individualized manner.

The term "discretion" implies that inbestMe may execute at any time the decisions it deems most convenient in order to achieve the best profitability/risk for your portfolio. Among these decisions are the selection of assets, the execution of operations and the management of the portfolio, both to start investing and to carry out the correct maintenance of the portfolio.

This type of service allows the client to stop worrying about the management of their plan, knowing that the entity that provides the management, in this case inbestMe, will take care of everything while always keeping the plan adjusted to the client's risk profile.

If you wish, you can review our delegated portfolio management contract here.