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What are the fees on my Savings Portfolio?

The IRR we advertise is net of portfolio fees.

The inbestMe Savings Portfolio, being a securities account, has certain costs. These costs have been adjusted to a minimum so that the net interest you get is the maximum possible.

There are two explicit costs that are seen and charged to the portfolio depending on the volume managed:

  • 0.12%-0.25%: inbestMe's management fee (including VAT).
  • 0,06%-0,11%: The custody fee (GVC Gaesco for fund portfolios) or trading fee (Interactive Brokers for ETF portfolios).

There is an implicit cost which is the TER (Total Expense Ratio) of the money market funds or ETFs which on average is 0.13%.

As said, you don't have to worry too much about these costs, as the published TER already has them subtracted.