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Welcome promotion inbestMe

€10.000 without management commission

This promotion is valid until 14/2/2023.

The welcome promotion will apply to account opening

applications initiated until 14/02/23.

Thanks to our Welcome promotion, applicable just to Index Funds inbestMe plans (FI Standard or SRI IF), you will be able to invest up to €10.000 without management fees for 1 year

The promotion will apply to the first €10.000, leaving out the remaining amount. If initially you have invested €100.000 or less, but later you exceed that amount (either because you contribute more money, or because your portfolio’s value increases thanks to higher profitability), the amount that exceeds €100.000 will be under management fees. Commissions outside inbestMe’s management, such as brokerage, trading, and custody fees (Broker), are excluded from the promotion.

The requirements to apply for the promotion are:

  • Being an adult and being a new inbestMe client (meaning that you can not have been our customer before, either as a second wonder).

The exclusions of the promotion are:

  • Current inbestMe customers.
  • Customers who have previously been a first or a second owner.
  • The opening of any other account that it’s not an Indexed Fund or an SRI Indexed Fund.

The promotion will be applied the same day as the activation of the account.

inbestMe reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time without giving any prior notification, only affecting the new accounts registered after the scheduled limit date. InbestMe, also keeps the right to turn off the promotion if someone has been doing incorrect use of or fraudulent use.